Japanese Diet Information


A diet rich in soy based products makes the traditional Japanese diet so healthy. Not only is soy high in protein, studies have shown that people who eat a lot of soy products also suffer less from a number of chronic diseases.

Some of the diseases which soy can help prevent include:

– Heart disease. High cholestrol is one of the major causes of heart disease. Not only is soy free from cholestrol, it can have the affect of actually reducing cholestrol and thus cut the risk of heart attack.

– Cancer. There are several studies available which suggest soy products may reduce the risk of cancer. American women are four times more likely to suffer from breast cancer than Japanese.

– Osteoporosis. Soy products, such as soy milk and tofu are good sources of calcium which can help strengthen bones.

– Diabetes. Soy is high in fibre which can help prevent diabetes.

Japanese foods rich in soy include: miso, tofu, natto and edamame.