Japanese Diet Information


Miso has a peanut buttery texture and is increasingly becoming popular in wester countries. It is made from fermented soybeans. There are several types of different miso, including mugi miso, a mixture of soy and barley; hatcho miso, made from just soybeans and genmai which is unpolished rice which is high in fibre.

Miso is like yoghurt in that it contains bacteria and enzymes. Miso contains isoflavones which can potentially protect against breast cancer. It is also high in tryptophan and manganese. Miso has a fairly high salt content.

It is used in a number of Japanese dishes including of course miso soup, which can be made simply by mixing miso with hot water. Any number of vegetables and tofu can be added to the soup. It is also very tasty used as a dip with raw vegetables such as cabbage and carrots.

Miso soup