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Japanese people have the longest life span in the world. Statistics revealed in 2004, show the average life span of a Japanese female is 85 years of age and 78 for men.

There are many potential factors which have an affect on the average human life span, but one of the overwhelming factors has to be a healthy diet.

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May 25, 2006

Japanese food healthier than western

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Not surprisingly Japanese researchers have found that the traditional Japanese diet is healthier than a western one.

The ground down a mixture of hamburgers and chicken for the western diet and fish for the Japanese diet and feed it to rats.

The study found that several genes that work to break down cholesterol and fat were 1.5 times more active in the mice which received the Japanese menu as opposed to those fed with American food.

The study also found that the level of cholesterol was 10 percent higher in the American-food fed mice.

May 23, 2006

Japanese getting fat

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The Japanese goverment is concerned of the increase in obesity and related illnesses in Japan.

According to the health ministry, metabolic syndrome sufferers number 9.4 million among those aged between 40 and 74, and incipient sufferers are estimated to be 10.2 million in this particular age group. One in two men and one in five women in this group are at risk of the syndrome, according to the estimate.